How To Drink With Your Boss Without Getting Fired

May 14, 2019

So the other day we all met up with our boss, Darrin, for an evening dinner meeting. It went about as well as you’d expect from this bunch of crazies!

Best Life put together a list of ways to drink with your boss without getting fired, and it would’ve been pretty nice to have these tips beforehand.

1) Be real.
Yes, Matt is as crazy in real life as he is on the air. That’s why he ended up making inappropriate jokes about our Darrin's mom, and Ramona was left staring at Matt like this the entire time:


2) Don’t treat it like a performance review.
Oh you’d better believe Matt was sniffing around to find out how we’re doing. The boss said we’re doing a good job...for now.

3) Don’t be a sychophant.
Bandy was sitting in the corner laughing away at everything the boss said!

4) Avoid the negative.
The article says you shouldn’t say anything about your fellow coworkers, but if you thought Ramona and Bandy weren’t gonna spend the evening roasting Matt and his nonsense, think again! Oh and Doc was sitting there quietly posting pictures on social media of Matt looking weird and Ramona sitting there with a piece of straw paper that was stuck in her hair most of the evening.


5) Don’t get wasted.
As we said earlier, Matt was making jokes about the boss’ mom and Ramona’s love life, and somehow he also got onto the topic of dead creatures...are we sure he wasn’t a little tipsy?

6) If you embarrass yourself, own it in the morning after.
Yep we were kind of a mess. Please don’t fire us, Darrin!