How to Prevent Holiday Binge Eating

December 21, 2017

© Lisa Cora Reed | Dreamstime

Even just a few days of overindulging can have real effects—not just on your waistline, but in other ways overdoing it can affect your body, as well.

When it comes to holiday weight gain, the problem isn't just one or two big meals; it's the drawn-out stream of constant parties, cookies, dinners, leftovers, and "special occasions" throughout the entire season. The average person will gain between 7-10 pounds between Halloween and New Year's Eve. So how can we stop binge eating all of the sugar cookies and keep ourselves under control?

1. Keep up your exercise routine even though you may not want to go to the gym. Buring calories can help offset the extra calories you're taking in with all the holiday casseroles and holiday drinks too.

2. Try to eat most of the time, but allow yourself a treat or two when you are at a special occasion or party. Moderation is key!

3. Eat off of red plates: Sure, they're festive, but they also make us eat less than usual. People who eat or drink from red cups tend to indulge less

4. Watch out for all of the liquid calories. Just cause you drink it doesn't mean it's calorie free. Beer, wine, and mixed drinks are all full of sugar, carbs, and calories. If you're going overboard, that can help pack on the pounds fast.

5. Drink plenty of water: The more water you drink, the less room you'll have to stuff your self.

6. Don't go to dinner or a party starving. If you have a party in the evening, skipping lunch is the worst idea ever because you're more likely to eat a ton to compensate for the lunch you skipped.

And power is knowledge. If you go to a party or dinner knowing how many calories are typically in a serving of something you may be less likely to put it on your plate.