5 Things You’re Definitely Wasting Money On

February 19, 2019

One of the easiest ways to have more money is to spend less! Often was waste money on things we don’t fully use or need; here’s five things you can cut back on to put money back into your pocket.

1) Stop hitting the coffee shop every morning.
Those Grande coffee orders to go can add up...making coffee at home can save you both time and money.

2) Finally get around to cutting the cord.
It’s time. Why are you paying upwards of $100 for hundreds of channels, most of which you’ll never use? Especially if you’ve already got Netflix and/or Hulu? If you need your live TV fix, there’s plenty of services that offer that for a fraction of the price.

3) Cancel that gym membership.
Remember the episode of Friends where Chandler tried to quit the gym?

We get it, you’ve been too busy to make good on your resolution to hit the gym, but why waste your money knowing you’re never actually going to go? Don’t be a Chandler.

4) Remember to cancel those unused subscriptions.
Companies love to suck you in with a free trial, secretly hoping you forget to cancel the trial before your card gets charged. Or maybe you haven’t had time to watch Netflix over the past couple of months. There’s an app called Trim that can keep track of all your recurring subscriptions.

5) Don’t buy more groceries than you need.
It’s so easy to waltz right into a grocery store and leave with more food than you expected. Planning out your meals in advance to save money is better than just stocking your kitchen with a bunch of food you’ll never eat.

Want some more pointless things you should stop wasting your money on? CNBC has you covered.