J.Lo said men are useless until before age 33, and a dating expert agrees

March 25, 2019

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Dating online can be hard these days...there so many options and it can be overwhelming trying to find “The One.”

Though Jennifer Lopez is newly-engaged, she’s got as much experience with love as anyone you’ll meet. In an episode of Tinder’s Swipe Sessions, J.Lo gave advice to a woman name Brooke, 29, who was looking for a man’s man who can “chop wood” (J.Lo casually points out the odds of Brooke needing a man to chop wood are slim, and that she needs to be honest about what she’s really looking for).

As they swiped through Brooke’s Tinder, J.Lo said “Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.” While some men might be ready to burn their copy of J.Lo’s classic self-titled album after that, a relationship expert says there’s some truth in what J.Lo said.

Jane Greer, a New York relationship expert, told INSIDER that it can take men getting into their early 30s before they establish their careers and reach a point where they feel financially stable. That can help in making them feel emotionally ready to do the whole “adulting” thing, including being prepared to commit to a relationship.

Heck, there’s even studies that say men don’t fully mature until age 43.

That doesn’t mean not all men in their 20s are useless. However, it does offer insight into why there’s some guys who never seem to want to commit, and then next thing you know they’re 30-ish and randomly engaged.

And people have also made it clear that not all men over 33 are mature either…

And even men know their role.