Join Matt's Rough Massage Club!

February 22, 2017

Matt wants the entire world to know that he's a guy who likes his massages rough...the more painful, the better.

"I love when someone pushes hard on my knot," he said on Facebook:

While Ramona doesn't get why people would enjoy a painful massage, plenty of Matt's followers do...

TAYLOR: "Agreed. It's like a really good message can hurt a little. The payoff is worth it."

SHANTE: "I totally agree Matt. You can't get the knot away with gentle coaxing. You've gotta put some strength into getting rid of that thing, and the pain is definitely good pain."

STACEY: "I'm with Matt! If you are not hurting me, you're not doing it right!"


Embrace the pain, Ramona! We'll see ya at the Matt's Rough Massage Club meetings every Tuesday after the show.