Woman Arrested After Barking At Police K9

February 7, 2019

Want a great example of what happens when you bark up the wrong tree? Twenty-year-old Kiana Champagne Fletcher was outside her home in Lafayette, IN on Monday when she started barking at a police dog that was sniffing a car during a routine traffic stop.

Well her barking caught the attention of police who, upon further investigation, recognized Fletcher and knew that she had two outstanding warrants. As the officers approached Fletcher, she ran back into her house and hid.

Officers had to wait for a search warrant, but once they got inside they arrested Fletcher. They also found drugs in the house as well as 25-year-old Cody Keith Campbell, who was arrested on drug charges and giving the officers a fake name.

As for the people in the car police had stopped? Police arrested them too! Wayne Dominique McKinnis and Myranda Sue Fletcher were arrested after police found a stolen pistol in their car.