Lessons We All Need to Learn About Mental Illness

July 5, 2017

We hope you listen to the Matt and Ramona Show for entertainment. We work hard to throw a party every afternoon from 3pm-7pm on 107.9 The Link in Charlotte. This crew has been together for a long time. Matt and I hit the airwaves in the Queen City in 2001. About a year later Brent joined us. We’ve been through a lot together. There have been breakups and marriages, deaths and births. There have been times when we laughed while the microphones were on and left the studio to cry during a break. That’s life, right? Well, for people with depression that’s life’s downers magnified by ten.  Depression sucks so LOUD.


Since we’ve worked together for over a decade I know a lot about his struggle. He produced a faith-based radio show with me called “The Satisfied Life.” He told our listeners about his stay at the mental hospital but I never knew the depth of his rock bottom. It’s tough to share a story like this. He’s a Christian and many believers think suicide is a one way trip to the hot place. It’s a sin not to be joyful and thankful for every breath. Imagine the burden the preacher’s son was carrying. It’s sad that some people who are mentally ill feel too ashamed to admit they’re sick. That’s why I’m grateful that Bandy is brave enough to break the mold. His story offers hope and awareness. Please share this with patients and the families of people who might need help. There is so much to learn.


These are the important lessons we can all take from Bandy’s story:

  1.  Ask for help
  2. Find a reason, any reason, to keep breathing
  3. You aren’t alone
  4. Every medication and every therapy doesn’t work for everyone
  5. Mental illness is not a death sentence, but if left untreated it can be deadly
  6. Guilt and shame can keep people from seeking the help they need
  7. You have no idea how many people struggle with mental illness
  8. Patients often need an advocate to help

Read the article in the Charlotte Observer