Man Accidentally Swallowed His AirPod...It Still Worked After Passing Through His Stomach

May 3, 2019

Stephen Lam / Getty Images

We don’t recommend trying this at home, but a man in Taiwan was shocked to discover his AirPod still worked after he accidentally swallowed it.

Ben Hsu fell asleep still wearing the Apple wireless headphones, and noticed one was missing when he woke up. He told the Daily Mail that he used Apple’s tracking feature to find the missing AirPod, and he heard a beeping noise. After looking all over his room, he realized the beeping was coming from his stomach.

Hsu went to the hospital and they confirmed the AirPod was passing through his digestive system. They gave him a laxative and he passed it in a railway station bathroom the next day.

Upon getting it out of the toilet and washing it off, Hsu was surprised to see the AirPod was still intact and working normally.

“The battery was still at 41 percent,” he told the Daily Mail, calling this bizarre experience with the AirPod “magical.”