NASA Will Pay You $19,000 To Stay In Bed For Two Months

March 28, 2019

If lying in bed for a long time sounds dreamy, well this is the job for you.

NASA is currently searching for volunteers to spend two months lying down to test the effects of artificial gravity on the body.

The AGBRESA (Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study) is searching for 12 women and 12 men between the ages of 24 and 55 to spend LITERALLY all of their time lying in bed 60 days...yes, that means you have to eat and even go to the bathroom while lying down. Volunteers will be paid about $18,500 to participate.

So what exactly will you be experiencing?

First off, the beds will be angled downward toward the head six degrees to simulate the displacement of bodily fluids; that’s what astronauts experience when they’re in space. Also, half of the volunteers will experience the simulation of an artificial gravity chamber, which involves them getting spun around in a centrifuge. Throughout all phases of these experiments, researchers will be testing the participants’ motor skills, balance, muscle strength and cognitive abilities.

Volunteers will spend a total of 89 days at the facility: 5 days for prep, 60 days for the experiment and 14 days of rest afterward.

(H/T: Insider)