New Orleans Teen Accepted To 115 Universities, Gets $3.7 Million In Scholarships

April 26, 2019

What an amazing story! New Orleans high school senior Antoinette Love has been accepted to 115 universities and earned more than $3.7 million in total scholarships.

According to, Love started applying for schools in September and quickly started receiving acceptance letters. Love’s mother, Yolonda, said the first school that she was accepted to offered Antoinette $72,000 in scholarships. From there it snowballed into dozens of acceptance letters and MILLIONS in scholarship money.

Love was able to apply to so many colleges by searching for application fee waivers. She used the Common App to apply to multiple colleges with the same application, as well as the Common Black College Application to apply to 50 historically black universities.

Love plans to start visiting colleges soon and hopes to make her decision by May 1; she wants to major in elementary education and become an educator.