Pizza is Healthier For Breakfast Than Cereals According To A Nutritionist

February 25, 2019

When was the last time you heard the words “pizza” and “healthy” in the same sentence? A New York nutritionist has stepped up to say it’s least when compared to cereal.

The classic bowl of cereal is quick and dependable for those who’ve gotta get up and go in the morning, but pizza is a healthier option according to Nutritionist Chelsey Amer. She told The Daily Meal that a bowl of cereal and a slice of pizza contain about the same amount of calories, but pizza contains more fat and protein and far less sugar than most cereals, so you won’t experience a sugar crash.

Granted that doesn’t mean that pizza is THE healthiest option...there are far superior choices when it comes to your morning meal. But if you’ve gotta choose between a bowl of sugary goodness and cold leftover pizza, the latter is the best choice.