Ramona Visits Usain Bolts Restaurant

October 5, 2017

Ramona has headed down to Jamaica to check out Sandals Ochi Beach Resort(which you can win right here!) with a goal. Her goal? To meet Usain Bolt.

Usain is the fastest man in the world, holding Eight Olympic Gold Medals and a piece of Ramonas heart. He also is the owner of a restuarant known as Tracks and Records. This restuarant was created to combine two passions of his; Great music and great food. We headed down on a bus about 10 minutes from the resort and pulled into what looks like a normal restuarant. We knew that inside, there was gold.

The minute you walk in, you're greeted with bright green walls covered in records that range from Wiz Kalifa to Bob Marley. Of course you also get to see the fastest man alives world records.


Ramona was ready. She KNEW that tonight was the night and Usain would be hanging out in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Our server Carolene brings us in to a large room with a bar in the middle and seats us. On one side of the restuarant is a stack of speakers and TV's shine all around with different sports channels. It's nice, casual and inviting.

As we sit, talk and chow down, Carolene comes back and Ramona goes right for the burning question....Is the big man her? Carolene says no, he isn't but Ramona isn't giving up. There HAS to be a chance. Even a 10% chance. But no....tonight is not the night. A little disheartened we sit down and order some delicious curry.

 Ramona keeps her eyes open just in case her prediction was wrong. However, the only guests are a surprise birthday parties and locals enjoying a nice evening. So it may not have turned into the star-studded adventure but the company and the food was worth. Maybe next time there will be a certain speedster joining in.