Ramona's Not The Only Celeb Who Pronounces "Croissant" Like A Weirdo

August 10, 2017

Jonathan Mauney Photography | Sthanlee B. Mirador © Sipa USA

BuzzFeed posted an article about how Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland's fans have been making fun of the way that he pronounces the word "croissant."


Well long before Holland became a "quackson" meme, ya girl Ramona was out here pronouncing our favorite French pastry in ways that make Matt and Bandy's ears bleed...and we have the audio to prove it!

Why Does Ramona Pronounce "Croissant" Like A Weirdo?

Stop being so snooty, Ramona!! We try to figure out why she keeps pronouncing "croissant" in a way that no normal person does...