How Would You Rank The Chips In A Snack Variety Pack?

March 14, 2019

Comedian Kevin Fredericks sparked a national debate by asking people on Twitter to rank the chips in a variety snack pack.

Your childhood isn’t complete until you’ve had to make the painstaking decision to choose between your two favorite chip brands. Oh, and there’s always that one chip brand you never, ever pick.

The debate got so intense that even Captain America (aka Chris Evans) chimed in:

How does the Matt & Ramona show rank these chips? We’ve got the results below!

Matt's not a fan of the classic Lays...but like most normal people Doritos claim the top two spots on his list.

Bandy is yet another Doritos lover, but he's also the only one of the bunch who has Cheetos in their top 3.

So it's clear that the guys on the show all pledge their allegiance to Cool Ranch Doritos. Doc is no fan of Cheetos though...they're the only snack in a variety pack that he actively avoids eating.

Doritos will forever reign supreme in snack variety packs, but Ramona's got an interesting ranking beyond her top 2. Ruffles, Fritos and Classic Lays are all tied at #3 because she's indifferent toward them. Like Doc, she's ranked Cheetos dead last...she's just not a fan of Cheeto dust!