Refuse to Buy Stuff You Don't Need!

September 5, 2017

Think of how much money we could save if we simply stopped buying products we just don’t need. To be fair, sometimes we get tricked into buying products that we HOPE to use or we HOPE they’ll work as promised. Here are a few times to cross off your list:

  1. Cellulite and stretchmark creams. If they actually worked, cellulite and stretch marks wouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Mouthwash. If you’re brushing, flossing and getting your teeth professionally cleaned, then mouthwash probably isn’t doing much to improve your oral health.
  3. High end sunscreen. Consumer Reports did a review a few years ago and found that some of the least-effective sunscreens had the biggest price tags.
  4. Cotton swabs. If you’ve found a good use for Q-tips that does NOT include cleaning your ears then keep buying them; using them to clean your ears is just plain hazardous to your ear health.
  5. Eyedrops. If you frequently use eyedrops because your eyes look red then it’s probably time to see an eye doctor.