From Replacement Keys to Tires: Save Money on Car Maintenance and Repairs

August 7, 2017

Have you had to get a car key replaced or new windshield wipers? Then you know that maintaining a car can be expensive. There are ways to cuts costs if you do your homework.

You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your own parts from various auto parts stores (O’Reilly, Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts). If you can’t make the repair yourself, take the parts to the mechanic of your choice. Many manufacturers are even starting to sell their products on Amazon. For quick fixes like lights and wipers, Youtube videos can help you figure out installation.

Rethink Insurance
Go beyond searching for the company with the best rates. Re-evaluate your coverage. If your car is over ten years old or worth less than ten times the premium, the cost of repairing it could be more than the car is worth. Getting rid of collision coverage could also save you up to 40%.You can also save by requiring your kids to pay for their own car insurance or making them wait until age 19 to put them on your policy. If you're covering a young driver, ask your agent if there are discounts for good grades.

Research Pays Off
Repair Pal gives free quotes for car repairs using a patented auto repair price estimator. If you want to find out what other owners say about problems and repair costs for particular car models, go to

Cut Key Costs
Losing a key fob can put a huge dent in your wallet. Did you know you can buy a new remote or fob online? Keep in mind that reprogramming of these devices will still be necessary...and before you head to the dealership trying calling a locksmith. Locksmiths have access to or keep in stock keys and fobs for hundreds of makes and models.

Coupons Cut Costs
Consider a AAA Car Care Center or a AAA approved auto repair shop.If you're a AAA member you'll get a discount on the work you need done and you can often find coupons for brake service, oil changes and tires on their website.