Someone Tried To Dry A Connecticut Baseball Field By Lighting It On Fire

April 8, 2019

It was quite the weekend in the town of Ridgefield, CT. A baseball field at Governor Park has temporarily closed after someone had the very dumb idea on Saturday to dry the infield by setting it on fire.

There was a game scheduled that day for Ridgefield High School, but the infield was too wet from the rain the night before.

That’s when someone had the not-so-bright idea to pour 24 gallons of gasoline onto the field and set it ablaze in an attempt to make the field playable. An eyewitness caught video of the infield burning away:

The crazy part is, according to The Ridgefield Press, 75 to 100 people witnessed the incident. Police aren’t sure who’s responsible, and they didn’t say whether or not charges would be filed.

The town of Ridgefield said on Facebook that the field will be closed while the soil is tested and removed. It’s gonna cost the town $50,000 to fix this mess.