5 Problems of Adult Kids Who Live Near Their Parents

March 28, 2019

Some kids leave home and wind up living far away from their parents.  Others wind up in a home very close to their parents. If you have a mom and/or dad in your neighborhood then you know there can be some challenges.

Parents have so many opportunities to get in your business and it can be a little or A LOT annoying.

Love Life
If you're single (or married with a side piece), your parents know more about your dating than you might like. You didn’t come home at all last night? A strange vehicle parked outside your house? Momma and daddy know what’s up.

They throw shade at your lifestyle. Shouldn’t you think about a new roof BEFORE you buy new flooring?

Quality Time
They want to spend A LOT of time with you. Family dinners used to happen daily, and now that you’re just around the corner you should eat together at least 5 times a week, right?

They want help from you. The chores that you had as a kid didn’t start doing themselves once you left home. Dad needs help installing the new ceiling fan. It’s only Saturday. They know you aren’t working!

You know they're going to spoil your kids and pets rotten. Speaking of, one of our coworkers shares the story of how her parents (who live in the same neighborhood) seem to love their granddaughter more than they love her!