Is Sleeping With The Fan On Bad For Your Health?

April 23, 2019

There’s nothing like falling asleep under the covers while you’ve got a fan blowing cool air on you. But is having that fan on overnight actually making you sick?

It depends, according to Sleep Advisor. They say there are definitely benefits to having the fan on at night: it’s a low-cost way to cool your room, it can circulate the air to make a room less stuff and the white noise of the fan running can help you fall asleep.

However, for some it can wreak havoc on your allergies. The fan can stir up dust and pollen, especially if you haven’t cleaned the fan blades in a while. Also, having that air blow directly onto you can dry out your skin...and if your eyes or mouth are partially open while you sleep, that airflow can irritate your eyes and throat.

While sleeping with a fan on can definitely be helpful, especially if you get hot at night, those with allergies or sensitive skin should be aware of how the fan’s airflow can impact your health.