Yes, Snow Is Falling In Charlotte. In April.

April 2, 2019



Remember when the sun was shining, it was 75 degrees and we were all sneezing because everything was finally covered in pollen? That was just Saturday.

Now it’s Tuesday, and it’s snowing in the Charlotte area. Apparently we’re breaking records out here.


Since when do you ever see snow AND pollen co-existing?!?!?!

Are we sure this isn’t mother nature’s way of pulling an April Fool’s joke?

Even Cam, Luke and the rest of the Panthers said, “Forget this.”

There are places where big flakes are falling and accumulating.

But we’re in agreement...the weather’s had one too many cold front cocktails.

The crazy part is that on Wednesday we’re expecting sunshine with a high of 70. Enjoy it before mother nature changes her mind again!