Ramona's DIY Disaster

February 26, 2019

Ramona considers herself to be a lover of crafts...much like she’s a lover of camping and fishing.

She hosted a DIY demonstration at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show and the she made the worst decision ever...she invited her neighborhood porchscape nemesis, Janie.


If y’all didn’t know, Janie is good at crafts. Like “Hey, here's Ramona standing next to a leaning shelf that Janie MADE” good.

Janie also made a fence. A freakin fence!

Meanwhile, Ramona made a “garden hose wreath,” aka a hose that's wrapped up with some rags attached to it.

And some homemade crosses that will have any God-fearing soul saying WWJD (What would Janie do?).

This pillow looks pretty good...but Ramona admits that Janie sewed the pieces together.

Oh look, another cross from Ramona...or is she trying to build a wooden shelter like she’s on Survivor? Who knows.

The moral of the story is if you can’t DIY, have Janie do it for you!