5 Tasks That Are Great For Relieving Stress

January 25, 2019

What adult isn’t stressed out these days? You don’t have time to take a vacation every time you need to decompress, so those mini stress breaks are crucial. Thankfully, there’s quite a few simple things you can do to relieve stress.

Remember when you HATED washing dishes as a kid? Well it turns out that when you get older, this chore can significantly lower your stress level.


Research has found that a cluttered home can make you feel more stressed out, especially women. Also, isn’t it kinda freeing when you go from looking at a messy room to it now being neat and clean?


A 2018 study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that smelling your sig other’s clothes can calm you down. No wonder women love stealing their partner’s clothes!


Not only can exercising with others provide you motivation and accountability, it can reduce your stress by about 25% according to a study.


Researchers discovered last year that writing about past failures can help you to be better prepared mentally for future challenges. If reliving failures isn’t your thing, then maybe give Morning Pages a try.