#TheBachelor Radio Games

February 26, 2018

If ABC wants to do some recruiting for the next installment of “The Bachelor” the network needs to look no further than Entercom Charlotte. The home of The Fan 610 WFNZ, Newstalk 1110 WBT and WLNK 107.9 The Link is packed with single dudes. From the executive offices to the production studios you’ll find eligible bachelors who hail from all over the country. Our cast of dudes enjoy a variety of activities, cuisine and music.  There are some big personalities in the bunch and a few quiet guys as well. Most are creative, funny and quirky to say the least.

Frankly, we don’t know a darn thing about their dating histories and it’s not professional to ask. We’re not sure who is a heartbreaker, a hopeless romantic or who might be stuck in the friend zone. All we know is that they’ve yet to find a partner to play the toughest sport of all, the game of love!