Tired Mom Writes Poem About Husband Who Sleeps Instead Of Helping With Their Baby

February 21, 2019

Being a parent is hard. The sleepless nights and fears of being responsible for another living being can wear a mom out. One mom, Caroline Olling Andersen, has found a way to cope with the difficulties of parenthood: poetry.

The first-time mom went viral after posting a poem called “Daddy’s Asleep” on Facebook. The poem talks about her staying up late at night to take care of her baby while her husband sleeps peacefully.

Caroline told Bored Panda that while she was blessed with long maternity leave and has volunteered to take the night shift since her husband has to work, being a tired mom does lead to passive-aggressive feelings.

She said her husband is a fantastic dad and the poem was written out of humor and love for him and their baby. Caroline’s channeled her creativity into writing more poems, which she’s posting on her blog The Mommy Poet.