The Coolest Valentine’s Day Food Promotions In 2019

February 12, 2019

Heart-shaped sausage? Breadstick bouquets? Free wings? The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, which is why companies are pulling out all the stops with their Valentine’s Day deals. Here’s a few:

Get Free Wings At Hooters

Naming a cockroach after your ex is cool, but why not (dis)honor their memory by getting free food instead? If you take a picture of your ex into Hooters on Valentine’s Day and shred it, you’ll get 10 free wings.

Heart-shaped sausage

Marks and Spencer is selling a “Love Sausage,” and that sound you hear is Matt and Bandy giggling at the name of that.

Olive Garden’s Breadstick Bouquet

There’s nothing more beautiful than providing your lover with a lovely arrangement of breadsticks. You can print out this special bouquet wrapper for your to-go order of breadsticks from Olive Garden.