5 Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog In Cold Weather

January 30, 2019

Winter weather can make it kinda tough to get your dog some much-needed exercise, but it can be done! Mental Floss put together a list of things experts say you can do while walking your dog in cold weather to keep them safe.

1) Bundle Up!

Don’t listen to anyone who makes fun of animals who wear clothes. A bright-colored winter jacket can protect your pup from cold temperatures, especially short-haired breeds, puppies and elderly dogs.

2) Don’t Forget The Boots

Just like with hot surfaces in the summer, the freezing cold temperatures can cause their paws discomfort. And in the case of snow or icy weather, we also wanna protect them from the salts or diecers that have been spread all over the ground.

3) Do You Have The Right Leash?

Having to walk in winter weather is tough enough for humans by themselves, let alone walking a precarious pup! Experts suggest using a front-clip harness for maximum control, or even using a jogger leash in case you slip and fall. They also say that you should avoid retractable leashes because they’re harder to control.

4) Do A Double Check

If you have to walk your dog in snowy weather, make sure to wash their feet and belly just in case they might’ve been exposed to any salt or deicing chemicals.

5) Know The Warning Signs That They’re Uncomfortable

All dogs are different, and so is their tolerance to cold weather. If they’re shaking, that’s a good sign it’s time to head back and get them bundled up...check out this chart that tells you when it’s too cold to walk your dog.