You'll Make $277,680 Worth of Guilty Purchases in Your Lifetime

May 2, 2019

Over the course of our lives we'll spend A LOT of money on purchases that we ultimately end up regretting.

A study found that not only will we spend $89 a week (or $277,680 in a lifetime) on guilty purchases, we tend to feel most guilty when buying things at full price.

Heck, we're so guilt ridden about spending our hard-earned cash that nearly 40% of us have put off replacing a broken essential home appliance, often for months at a time.

There are a few exceptions to this spending guilt we experience...85% of folks don't feel as guilty about spending money when they're getting a discount of at least 23%. We also feel less guilty about buying experiences as opposed to objects (56%) and if we're spending money on someone other than ourselves (70%).

Here's a look at the top 10 things we feel most guilty spending money on:

1. Eating at restaurants (47%)
2. New clothes (46%)
3. Electronics (38%)
4. Shoes (35%)
5. Delivery or take out (35%)
6. Alcohol (34%)
7. Cosmetics or other beauty-related items (31%)
8. Snacks (30%)
9. Vacations or money spent on traveling (24%)
10. Your passions, including hobbies (24%)