What Bridesmaids Should And Shouldn't Pay For

April 18, 2019

Being a bridesmaid can carry a lot of responsibility...and a lot of expenses. Friendships have been ruined because sometimes bridesmaids feel pressured into spending way more money than they want to (or can afford), especially when it comes to dresses and travel.

So what exactly should bridesmaids pay for and what costs should the bride cover? Brides.com breaks it down...

Bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own dress. However, if the bride wants everyone to wear the exact same shoes and accessories, she's responsible for covering that cost.

Whoever's in charge of the bridal shower is the one who covers everything. If the bridal party is responsible, then they should all split the expenses.

When it comes to the bachelorette party, the bride shouldn't have to pay a dime! However, they say things can get tricky if it's a girl's weekend. In that case, everyone (the bride included) covers their own costs except for the big night out...and the bride gets to enjoy that night for free.

If the bride wants everyone to have the same hair and makeup, she pays (including tip). If not, then the bridesmaids are responsible for themselves.

Everyone is responsible for their own travel expenses!