What Do Men And Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day?

February 12, 2019

Is it harder to shop for a man or woman on Valentine’s Day? Just thinking about what to get your loved one on this manufactured holiday can send your stress levels through the roof, but thankfully we’re here to help...sort of.

Let’s get straight into it: according to a recent survey, 71% of people prefer the traditional romantic evening out, but when it comes to what else men and women want, there’s quite a big difference.

For women, the top things they want included in their Valentine’s Day celebration are dinner (67%), sex (49%), intimacy (47%), flowers (47%) and chocolate (43%).

As for men? They responded exactly how you’d expect...41% say they don’t want anything. If anything, they’re going to be the ones spending on this holiday...43% of men will spend $50 or more this Valentine’s Day.