Wheezy's Black History Rhyming Quiz

February 3, 2017

Before Rosa Parks refused to budge on a bus,

She fought for D.C. streetcars to make room for us

Battled for women’s rights and an end to slavery

Made lots of cash with her autobiography

Met with Abe Lincoln before he got wacked by Booth

It’s not fiction. Her name is Sojourner….



Before M-L King won the Nobel prize

The award went to this United Nations guy

He bargained a peace deal between Arabs and Jews

And served in the war department during World War two

His 40-plus degrees should give you a hunch

He goes by the name of Dr. Ralph Johnson…



Before Aretha brought soul to the inauguration

She mixed blues and jazz music with her religion

The swearing-in vocalist for President J-F-K

The most popular gospel singer of her day

Hearing her perform was pure satisfaction

First name Mahalia, and the last name is…



Before Guion Bluford was the first Black in space

He ventured to the world’s most icy, cold place

Touring the planet was his number one goal

And he beat all the white guys to the North Pole

In history books his name barely gets a mention.

This explorer is called Mathew A…



Before Carl Lewis won medals for hurdles and sprints

He was the fastest dude at the Olympics in 1936

For 25 years no one could jump quite as long

He proved Hitler’s theories were just all wrong

Magnetic personality and his style, never messy

The “O” is for Owens and the first name is…



Before Oprah and Gail hit the radio dial

Her prudish paranoia made listeners smile

Flashing her floppies left judges begging for more

That’s why she’s the winner of 3 Gracie Awards

A 10 pound baby that triggers childbirth nightmares to this very day

She’s my baby, Ramona of Harris and….