5 Places To Meet Women Outside of Bars

February 8, 2019

If you’re tired of the bar scene or if hanging out at the club isn’t really your thing, AskMen has five ways you can still meet the woman of your dreams.

1) Join a co-ed sports league.

Rec sports leagues are a great way to develop a tight-knit circle of friends and develop new relationships. Not only are you bonding with people on the field, but lots of teams like to get a drink and just hang out after the game.

2) Volunteer.

The good part about volunteering is that it not only gives you a sense of someone’s values, it also provides you lots of time to get to know them through a positive shared experience.


3) Take a dance class.

Dancing lets you get up close and personal with others without it being too creepy. Plus what’s sexier than doing the salsa or tango? For guys it can feel weird being the only man in a dance class, but it gives you a chance to stand out. If you’re an awkward dancer, embrace it!


4) Go to a party.

We’re not talking about college-style parties with keg stands and 911 calls from angry neighbors...if a friend or coworker is having a get together or some type of celebratory party, it’s not a bad idea to go and make connections with mutual friends.


5) Go to a book signing.

People who love books enough to go to book signings are passionate about the author and their content. Just like with TV/movies/music fandoms, embracing your love of reading and geeking out with others is another great way to connect with like-minded people.