Why You Can't Poop While On Vacaction

January 8, 2018

Travel constipation is a real thing; 40% of people say they have trouble pooping while away from home. So why is that? It could be a variety of factors depending on the person, but we've got 3 big ones below.

When you're away from home, especially on vacation, you tend to eat foods that you might not normally chow down on. There's a good chance some of those are gonna do a number on your instestines.


Traveling usually throws off your body's natural sleep schedule, which in turn messes with your body's timing...your bowels included!


Kinda like how your brain has trouble letting you rest while on vacation, people tend to feel a little more uneasy about using unfamiliar restrooms...especially public ones?

So what can you do keep your bowels moving while traveling? Squatty Potty says the main things you need are to stay hydrated and try to stay as close as possible to your normal poop schedule.