Don’t Call Your Adult Child’s Boss For Them. Ever.

March 21, 2019

It can be hard letting your baby bird fly from the nest, but sometimes you’ve gotta let them fly on their own.

In the wake of the college admissions scandal, where people like actress Lori Loughlin paid thousands in bribes to get their children admitted to elite schools, a new study found that there’s lots of parents who are still going way out of their way to do adult things for their adult children.

The study interviewed parents of adults 18 to’s some of the more interesting finds:

*76% remind their children of deadlines (bills, schoolwork, etc.)
*74% made appointments for them, including doctor’s appointments
*15% called them to make sure they didn’t sleep through a class or test
*14% told their kid which career to pursue
*11% would call their kid’s boss if there was an issue at their work

It’s one thing to give your adult kid advice and help them when it’s appropriate, but it’s another to essentially navigate life decisions for them. Everyone hates making phone calls, but adults have to learn how to do it. Same goes for handling issues at work.

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