Woman Who Couldn’t Hear Out Of Left Ear For 11 Years Had BB Gun Pellet Lodged In It

February 8, 2019

It isn’t as gross as the endless “bug stuck in someone’s ear” videos you can find online, but it’s still crazy that it took 11 years for anyone to discover a BB pellet that was stuck in a woman’s ear!

28-year-old Jade Harris went to her doctor to do something about her hearing issue. They thought it might be because of a wax buildup, but Jade was left in a lot of pain after getting her ears syringed. She was referred to a hospital, where doctors discovered the BB pellet in her left ear canal. They removed it with a metal hook, and Jade’s hearing instantly improved.

Seeing the BB pellet reminded her of the time she’d played with a BB gun at a house party when she was 17; she remembered the pellet clipped her ear after bouncing off a window. She then unknowingly went the next 11 years not being able to hear properly.