Yes, Ramona Really Injured Herself Shopping

April 7, 2017

So this year Ramona decided she was going to give up shopping for Lent…the only problem is she didn't realize just how big of a shopaholic she is. She ended up breaking her Lent promise and went on a wild two-day shopping spree, apparently injuring herself from shopping TOO much.

Who on earth gets a shopping injury? Did she sprain her ankle stepping over an old lady to get the last $4 dress on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx? As much as Matt and Bandy don't believe it, a doctor has confirmed Ramona's injury is legit…

Who is so dedicated to #bargainshopping that it leads to an overuse ankle injury? Me!

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So there you have it; elite bargain shopper and 10-time clearance MVP Ramona Holloway is out for 10 days with a shopping injury…she's set to return to action on Easter. If anything, this is a reminder to all of you believers out there: God sees you, so don't break your Lent promise!!


Coincidence that the Dr. wants me off my feet & no high heels until #Easter? I was injured while breaking my #Lent #shopping promise.

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