Your Queen City Song

If you have song writing skills, this contest is for you!

February 1, 2017

“Start spreading the news” and start writing today! There are multiple songs about New York City; even Cleveland, Ohio has a song, so why isn’t there a song about Charlotte? The Queen City’s mayor is about to change that with a song writing competition. The Charlotte Observer reports that Jennifer Roberts has sent an email to city council to inform them about her plan. She told the paper that she wants someone to pen a tune about Charlotte that, “fits well with our desire to make Charlotte a Winning City, one that has a buzz about it, with shared stories, and where people talk about what they love about our city.

Is there a prize for the winning ditty?

So far, all we know is that the winner just might get to dazzle attendees at the National League of Cities sometime in 2017. Don’t worry songwriters...if your song doesn’t make the grade this time, Roberts is hoping to have a Charlotte song competition every year. She says there's also the possibility of getting youth involved in a future Queen City song writing contest. One thing for sure, youth or adult, the chances of hearing your song in heavy rotation on any radio station in the Carolinas are less than slim.