5 Reasons to Love Apple's iOS 12 Update

Updates and brand-new features are coming!

June 6, 2018

© Embe2006 | Dreamstime.com

Earlier this week, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) revealed what’s to come in the latest update, and while nothing terribly earth-shattering was announced, that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for iOS 12.

Here are 5 things we’re looking forward to in the newest version of the operating system.


5. Memoji

Those Animojis that wink when you wink and stick out their tongues when you do will be available in koala, tiger, ghost, and T. rex form—and in “you” form. Enter: Memoji. You’ll be able to create “as many alter egos as you want to use in Messages and FaceTime,” says Apple’s website.


4. Augmented Reality

With the ARKit 2, multiple users can partake in the same experience at the same time and will have the ability to send AR objects through mail or messages. Read more on the augmented reality of iOS 12 here


3. Screen Time

Ever get sucked into a vortex of mindless scrolling or app usage? Me neither. But in case this does happen to you, Screen Time will hit you with some cold hard facts about your device usage and time spent on apps, websites, etc., helping everyone manage their phone addictions.


2. Group FaceTime

… with up to 32 people at once. Not sure how an iPhone screen would look with 32 FaceTimers, but we’re all for moving the group chat into video form.


1. Privacy

With iOS 12, it will be harder for websites to track you without your permission. Additionally, Safari will stop advertisers from collecting some of the information about your device that makes it unique, resulting in the inability to retarget ads to you. In a world where the door to our private lives gets harder and harder to shut with each passing day, this update is essential.



While not introduced during Monday’s WWDC keynote, Tech Crunch reports that the new operating system will reportedly make Live Listen available to those with AirPods, something that was previously only available on Made for iPhone hearing aids. Through Live Listen, users are able turn their iPhones into microphones in order to hone in on certain sounds in noisy environments. (Read: You’ll be able to hear your low-talking friend in a loud restaurant, for example.)

For a comprehensive list of iOS 12’s features, click here.