Can Confirm: Pizza Is a Completely Acceptable and Nutritious Breakfast

And here's why!

March 2, 2018

When it comes to pizza, we have a lot of questions. Are you team fold your pizza or not? Is there a “best” topping? Deep-dish or New York-style? Is leftover pizza a dish best served cold or heated up? And seriously—what’s the deal with people who eat a slice with a fork and knife?!

We may never know the answer to these questions; however, we recently stumbled upon a new question, and not only does it have a definitive answer but a tasty one at that.

According to The Independent, dietitian Chelsey Amer spoke with The Daily Meal to tackle this truly life-changing question: Is cereal a healthier breakfast food than pizza?

In a surprising upset for the cereal industry, pizza actually came out on top! Kind of.

According to Amer, the average piece of ‘za contains about the same amount of calories as a bowl of cereal with whole milk. (Obviously pizzas and cereals vary, so we get that it’s a hard comparison to make. But for the love of pizza, we will proceed.)

Anyway, Amer continues on to say that because pizza contains more protein than your average bowl of cereal, it’s a breakfast food that’ll keep you fuller longer. Plus, more fat and less sugar in pizza means you won’t have the sugar high and inevitable crash.

Now go forth and make pizza the most important meal of your day.

One more question though .... pizza’s great and all, but … have you ever tried Lucky Charms?