Chipotle Welcomes New Addition to The Family: Queso

September 7, 2017
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If you’re one of those people still bummin’ over the fact that summer’s over, we’ve got two things to say to you:

  1. Don’t cry because it’s over—smile because it happened.
  2. Chipotle just shared some amazing news to lift your spirits!

In a dream-come-true moment, the Mexican food chain revealed that after successful testing in Colorado and Southern California, it’s officially adding queso—that sweet, sweet nectar—to its menus this month.

Made of 23 different ingredients (which are displayed on, this stuff’s the real deal. And that’s exactly what took the Mexican food chain so long to get the dip on its menu.

In a statement, Chipotle founder, chairman, and CEO Steve Ells explained that they refused to add it to their menu with the “industrial additives” which often appear in most quesos. Instead, the restaurant that boasts all-natural ingredients took their time perfecting just that: the gluten-free, preservative-free, no-colors-or-flavors added dip hits Chipotles nationwide on September 12.

You the real MVP, Chipotle, because after all: