EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wentz Invents New Word for NEW Fall Out Boy Album

Plus, the guys talk about that unexpected BTS remix

January 22, 2018
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy performs before the All Star Game home run derby at PetCo Park.

Jake Roth - USA TODAY Sports

We have three words for you: Fall Out Boy. And you know who else has three words for you? Fall Out Boy.

The band released its latest album, M A N I A, on January 19, and not only can you get your hands on the album here but in our exclusive interview below, you can also watch bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley describe the album in three very interesting “words.” (Although we’re not sure we can call them “words.” We think you made one up, Pete!)

Hear the guys use three real (and/or made-up) words to describe the album, their fans, and album singles “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” and “Young and Menace.”

Oh, and how about some of the random remixes of their songs, like the “Champion” remix done by RM of BTS? The guys share their thoughts on that too. And did we mention the impromptu karaoke session at the beginning of the exclusive clip? Watch it all go down below!

Who knew “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters made for such great karaoke?

FOB will kick off their US tour in support of the just-released M A N I A beginning late August in Uniondale, NY and ending in New Orleans October 10.