Want to Live Longer? See More Concerts, Science Says

Looks like the more shows the merrier!

April 9, 2018


Cats have nine lives, so why can’t we? You won’t find the answer to that here, but add it to your list of existential questions to ponder when you can’t sleep.

While you may not get nine lives, you can get nine more years—if you’re a regular concert-goer. No, you’re not dreaming. 

As Consequence of Sound reports, a new study by O2 and behavioral scientist Patrick Fagan reveals that going to one show every two weeks can put your “happiness, contentment, productivity and self-esteem at the highest level.” Apparently there’s outside research that says high levels of well-being leads to an increased lifespan. Couple that with O2’s study finding a “positive correlation between regularity of gig attendance and well-being,” and you’ve got one long life ahead of you.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but we’re always looking for an excuse to hit up another show, so we’re all for it.

One last thing: Does this mean that receiving more than the recommended dose of live tunes leads to more than nine years added to your life? Asking for a friend.