WATCH: Foster The People Remove "Pumped Up Kicks" From Recent Set List Following Vegas Shooting

The band covered John Lennon in lieu of their hit

October 4, 2017
Singer Mark Foster of Foster The People during performance at festival Rock for People in Hradec Kralove, Czech republic

© Yakub88 | Dreamstime

Foster The People played at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 2, just one day after the deadly shooting at a country music festival along the Las Vegas Strip. Frontman Mark Foster spoke on the incident, reminding fans of a positive message—his belief that people are inherently good.

Even so, he told the audience that it felt wrong to perform “Pumped Up Kicks,” despite the fact that it’s one of the group’s biggest hits. That’s because the song covers the topic of gun violence. And even though the song seeks to start the conversation about ending violence, the band opted to instead send a message of “Love” with a cover of John Lennon’s song of the same name.

Below, watch Foster The People send all the “Love” over to Vegas. (The music starts around the four-minute mark.)

Foster The People continue their North American tour through December before taking Australia.