WATCH: Portugal. The Man Talk "Unhealthy & Disgusting" Tour Rider

Find out what’s waiting for Portugal. The Man along their tour route in this exclusive video!

July 31, 2017
Portugal. The Man

Courtesy of Atlantic

Ah, the tour rider. That sweet, sweet list of requests. If getting to peek at a band’s tour rider is like getting a glimpse into the band’s soul, then at their core, Portugal. The Man are a self-proclaimed group of 12-year-olds having a sleepover.

Sure, things can definitely get weird when you’re allowed to make all sorts of demands, but according to Portugal. The Man, the ability to make specific requests isn’t something that just happens overnight. You start out with the basics, like tortilla chips sans-salsa, and wash the plain, dry chips down with water. And that’s that.

Eventually, you can add more to the list, but Portugal. The Man keep it real with an “unhealthy and disgusting” one-sheeter. Or is it actually a thing of beauty? Either way, watch below to find out what these guys have in their tour rider: 



Portugal. The Man dropped their latest album, Woodstock, on June 15, and you can scoop a copy here