Check out an Exclusive Backstreet Boys Interview and Performance to Celebrate 'DNA'

The Boys talk fatherhood, fans, and their new album 'DNA'

January 25, 2019

"It's been a journey, it's been a long ride, and hopefully we have another 25" says Brian Littrell during Backstreet Boys: The DNA.

The exclusive special is set to air this Sunday, and offers an all new interview and performance from the Backstreet Boys, celebrating their amazing new album DNA. After 25 years, the guys are ready to talk about the thrills of fatherhood, the importance of the fans, and what went into the making of their new LP.

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It has been a whirlwind for the group, who sound confident and mature on DNA. The years in the making have paid off for a sound that is a sonic leap, and shows Backstreet has evolved into something more adult and affecting. After two and a half decades, they have grown into a new glorious groove and it's exciting to watch.

Backstreet Boys: The DNA airs right here this Sunday, and you can listen on RADIO.COM. Stay locked in for details, and check out DNA from the Backstreet Boys, now available everywhere.

In the meantime since we're so excited for DNA Day, check out this preview below.