Chester Cheetah Starts a Rap Battle With Chance the Rapper for "Flaming Hot" Supremacy

Friendly fire between two icons

February 6, 2019
Chester Cheetah x Chance the Rapper

Mike Coppola / Staff | Jonathan Daniel / Staff

Chester Cheetah has been in the game for a long time, and has kept his cool through decades of others trying to challenge his Cheeto-dusted crown. But now Chance the Rapper has stepped to the orange icon, getting a little too close for comfort by claiming to "make it hot" in his ad for "Flamin' Hot" Doritos.

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The Chicago rapper joined the Backstreet Boys on Super Bowl Sunday, adding some fire to the original like Doritos has done with their own flavor. Now, Chester has a response for Chance and Doritos, claiming to be the "OG in the snack game" and the keeper of the "flaming hot" throne. The Cheetah has bars. 

Spoiler alert, both Cheetos and Doritos are owned by the same Frito-Lay company, so this is probably some good-natured exhibition battling. Think more Andre 3000 vs. Big Boi, than Biggie vs. Tupac. Still, we're here for the great snack battle of 2019. Bring the heat, and some wet naps.