David Schwimmer Has The Perfect Response To The Thief That Looks Like Ross From 'Friends'

No one told him life was gonna be this way

October 24, 2018
David Schwimmer

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There are plenty of reasons why people turn to a life of crime. Maybe your job's a joke, or you're broke, or your love life's D.O.A. Who's to say what drives the criminal mind? 

The internet has had a lot of fun over the past day with a thief from Blackpool, England who happens to look like David Schwimmer. All the Friends jokes have been flying since everyone noticed the resemblance to Ross Geller. Caught on camera, it certainly wasn't this criminal's day. We can't speak for his week, his month, or even his year. 

Time to Pivot! to the reactions across Twitter, which have been fine, they're FINE.

After all the lyrics and a few Holiday Armadillos later, the best reaction came from David Schwimmer himself. The actor offered up this proof that it couldn't have been him.


Well played Ross, well played. Now if you'll excuse us we're late for a Way No Way show at the Asian Student Union. 


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