Driving Tests, Senior Citizens, And The Many Adventures Of Cardi B On 'Carpool Karaoke'

'The Late Late Show' attempts to teach the "I Like It" singer to drive, it doesn't go well

December 18, 2018

Cardi B owns 5 cars, but doesn't know how to drive any of them. So what's the point?

"To take pictures with it" she coyly told James Corden during Carpool Karaoke Monday night on The Late Late Show. "You know how many things now that I can rap about now that I own these cars? I couldn't rap about these cars because I didn't own none. Now I can rap about it."

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Cardi also couldn't rap about learning how to drive either before Monday night, now she can. Corden took the "Money" singer for a driving test, and the results were disastrous. Cardi made her way through the course, crushing cones and running over flags, making the case for her to never ever be allowed to drive a car. Ever. Like not even bumper cars. There should be a steering wheel restraining order.

Cardi raps several of her songs along the way with passenger seat passion, as Corden plays perhaps the worst hype man in history. He does ask some good questions though, like what's the youngest crowd she has ever played for? "I did a Bar Mitzvah not so long ago, and I never performed in front of so many kids" she explained. "My DJ, he didn't have the clean versions of the songs, and I just felt so awkward saying the curse words. But those kids were having a good time and I had a good time too. The best."

And what is the oldest crowd Cardi has performed for? The honor now belongs to the Culver City Senior Center, as the two crash a Mind Body Dance class. Cardi danced and sand, as an older gentleman named Gunter shot his shot. "Are you looking for a significant other? Are you available?" asked the man. "Sure" says a shocked and astonished Cardi B.

Cardi B is nominated for 5 GRAMMY awards, including Album Of The Year