The Backstreet Boys Reveal the Original "Concept Album" Idea Behind 'DNA'

Plus behind-the-scenes details from the group's "Chances" video

January 30, 2019

On DNA the Backstreet Boys are confident and consequential, growing their sound in a way that can only be accomplished after 25 years together. An effortless blend of their strengths, the album is a testament to their maturity as artists and an exciting start to a new era for BSB.

After hearing the triumph of DNA, it's tough to imagine the album any other way, but according to them it started as something very different. In our exclusive interview above, the group tells us about the origins of DNA and the ambitious concept that it started with.

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"We almost did a concept album but, we didn't" explains Kevin Richardson. "We had a bunch of songs. A lot of them were acoustic, a lot of them were digital."

"We thought, well we call the album digital and analog, we could do a double album, and then AJ was like 'digital and analog, DNA.'"

"Lightbulb!" adds AJ McLean.

Watch above to find out why the idea was eventually scrapped, and learn more about the making of the group's "Chances" video. McLean co-directed the clip, and offers some insight into the timing needed to secure the perfect shot for the train station-set video, and Brian Littrell delivers some additional details including some inventive new words you won't want to miss.

The guys explained to us that the evolution isn't just in the music for the Backstreet Boys. "I can say that we need a little more makeup than before, that has changed" laughs Nick Carter. But as they proved last year with our Chippendales + Magic Mike dance-off challenge, they still have the moves. Most of them.

DNA is now available everywhere.