The Revivalists Grow Into “All My Friends”

The band shares the story of how the song simmered until it was ready

August 29, 2018
The Revivalists

Some songs come to life in a snap, but some take time to find where they’re going.

David Shaw of The Revivalists started with some verses from the band’s latest single “All My Friends” while in his twenties, but it wasn't until he entered his thirties that the song found its direction. It’s as though the lyrics matured the same as Shaw.

“It was kind of a time in my life that was a bit tumultuous, doing a few things that a lot of us do I would say. I’m certainly not the only to get a little squirrelly” explains The Revivalists lead singer. “I didn’t really ever have the thing that tied the whole feeling together.”

The band decided to let the song “simmer” rather than rush it, and the tune grew into a brassy, stomping, back-bar tribute to the ones that help us along the way. It’s a toast to the friends that guide us through our most squirrelly of times.

Watch as Shaw and guitarist Zack Feinberg walk us through how “All My Friends” came to be.

“It’s an anthem for your friends to just, take good care of each other” Shaw says of the uplifting song.

“All My Friends” serves as the first sample of The Revivalists upcoming fourth album. The seven piece band out of New Orleans will spend the next two months playing festivals around the country. You can find their full list of shows here, and watch the video for “All My Friends” below.