'Halloween' Kills At The Box Office

Gaga and Venom are no match for Michael Myers

October 22, 2018
Jamie Lee Curtis

© Robert Hanashiro - USA TODAY NETWORK

It turns out the 11th time is a charm.

This weekend, the latest installment in the Halloween movie franchise topped the box office with a 77.5-million-dollar debut. Along the way the film slashed a list of records, including the biggest opening ever for a film in the franchise. It's also the second biggest horror film debut behind It, and the second biggest October opening ever behind Venom

That being said, the folks at Buzzfeed News ran the numbers and found that the film actually comes in fourth when it comes to Michael Myers films when adjusted for inflation. Still, it was bigger than the scary smash R-rated horror film The Nun released last month. Jamie Lee Curtis and Halloween are back to making a killing, and we are here for it.


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